Article & Blog Writing
That People Actually Want To Read

If you’re not keyed in to the SEO and digital marketing world, you might not be familiar with the term ‘Content is King’.

It is really just a way of saying: No matter what else you do, if your content is no good then you’re always going to be swimming upstream.

However, the focus on content to drive web traffic has led to a trend that has flooded the internet with low-effort, low-quality blog posts.

So know this: content for content’s sake is NOT GOOD.

You need blogs posts and articles that do more than just hit word counts and target keywords. You need content that people actually want to read.

And that’s where we come in.

Well Researched Articles on any Topic

Whether it is a once off idea that you’ve brought to us, or part of a larger content strategy that we are working on with you, we take pride in knowing what we are talking about (or at least sounding like we do).

Bringing a New (Better) Point of View

There is no point putting content out there if it is only saying something that has been said a thousand times before.

The way to get noticed is to be exceptional.

Build off the content that is out there already but go a step further or offer an original perspective.

Content Written to Be Found

We might have sounded a bit flat on the SEO side of things at the top of the page but there is no point putting something up on the web if you don’t make it easy to be found.

We look into this before the writing starts to make sure there is search around what we are writing for and that it is the type of thing that people share.